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nowadays, due to the digital era, distances start making no sense as humans communicate using “real-time” technologies. the compression of space-time promotes an instant practice, an experience of living based on the “here and now”.

in this context, housing understood as stability can be seen as antagonistic to the need for constant relocation by the citizen of today. this project investigates what would happen if people did not need to depend on their home spaces and could live in a global universe. this disconnection introduces a kind of life that takes the most of its present constantly.

soplo is a garment that generates soft volumes around the body, and so offers new places and times of resting. assimilating this garment as the most immediate form that can be inhabited, body and environment are linked. as a result, a more flexible and independent way of living is possibilited.

this new nomad emancipates in order to take control of his life. this rebel and anarchic behaviour permits to adapt himself to the new needs that technology demands.


photos taken by pol rebaque. infinitely grateful to marina pérez, chloe, marta vidal, marta domingo & juan ezcurra